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What to do with Beet Greens

What to do with Beet Greensfeatured

Don’t you feel bad throwing away the tops of veggies? I had a ton of beet greens from a pickling party, and decided to use them for a meal. But first, a beet green rub-down. I heard about veggie massages from another blogger. Maybe it’s a total ruse….who knows. She claims if you take tough greens Read more

Falafel Fourteneer

Falafel Fourteneerfeatured

A falafel of beans? I know what it means: toot parade– chickpeas in tow, let everyone know, that dinner is made! So I had too many beans in the house. I don’t know how this happens, it’s like I convince myself at the grocery store that it’s always best to cook whole grains instead of Read more


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