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Baked Oregano Egg Clouds

Baked Oregano Egg Cloudsfeatured

I’ve been feeling a little off lately – needing to get my ducks in a row. I wrote October down the other day – rounding off month “10” of this year. Things are moving too quickly. This weekend I’m going to take stock of everything that’s happened. To see where I am, think about what Read more

Bagel Bathos

Bagel Bathosfeatured

Infinity in the bagel is a fact; one loop continually shaped by a baker’s hands, extending into a home, a table, with a dab of butter. Its inspiration is also found with each folding of a stomach, the semblance in donut-hole navel painting the fat-bellied creator with each bite. I’ve not been in my own Read more

Bacon Bibliomancy- A Bacon Tasting

Bacon Bibliomancy- A Bacon Tastingfeatured

John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. And so these piggies have also laid their lives for us. I figured, having started the year off as a vegan, it was only fitting to include a Bacon Tasting before the year is over. There is Read more

Muffin Malapropism

Muffin Malapropismfeatured

A fool and his muffin are easily parted. During the week, I assume most people try to pretend like they’re healthy. You gotta make a smoothie in the morning or buy a veggie cup for lunch. Throw some almonds in a Ziploc that’ll sink to the bottom of your bag. At least they’re there–untouched and Read more


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