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Baked Oregano Egg Clouds

Baked Oregano Egg Cloudsfeatured

I’ve been feeling a little off lately – needing to get my ducks in a row. I wrote October down the other day – rounding off month “10” of this year. Things are moving too quickly. This weekend I’m going to take stock of everything that’s happened. To see where I am, think about what Read more

Margarita Cookies

Margarita Cookiesfeatured

I live in a pretty busy part of town. Bloor runs down rush-hour-ery and vibrant and obnoxious with all kinds of city buzz. There is no stopping. Except when you come across an insistent patch of ice on the sidewalk. Even when the weather eases up for a few hours; everything melts but this particular Read more

Bagel Bathos

Bagel Bathosfeatured

Infinity in the bagel is a fact; one loop continually shaped by a baker’s hands, extending into a home, a table, with a dab of butter. Its inspiration is also found with each folding of a stomach, the semblance in donut-hole navel painting the fat-bellied creator with each bite. I’ve not been in my own Read more

Peanut Butter Cookie- Frangelico Flashback

Peanut Butter Cookie- Frangelico Flashbackfeatured

I see my father, drinking his disgestif, inquiring whether there’s something to “sweeten life.” A meal is incomplete without dessert, he says. I’ll tell you something. It’s tough not going home for Christmas. I haven’t been home in almost two years now, and of course I miss my family. But I also miss the Brazilian Read more

Muffin Malapropism

Muffin Malapropismfeatured

A fool and his muffin are easily parted. During the week, I assume most people try to pretend like they’re healthy. You gotta make a smoothie in the morning or buy a veggie cup for lunch. Throw some almonds in a Ziploc that’ll sink to the bottom of your bag. At least they’re there–untouched and Read more


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