Regular vs. Organic Roast Chicken

Regular vs. Organic Roast Chickenfeatured question haunts me once I get to the grocery store. Now that there are so many options for buying organic food products, and often you can find them displayed side-by-side, which do you chose? Regular lemons, or organic lemons? Regular garlic, or organic garlic? Regular butter, or a smaller, more expensive, organic butter packet? Read more

St. Patty’s Charm

St. Patty’s Charmfeatured 1. Outdoor Arpeggios Dress in Jade from Modcloth- I’m really into stretched out lace prints right now, even though they do sometimes look like doilies! This is a nod to St Patty’s that you can wear again in the spring (if it ever gets here…) 2. To-Go Beer Pong Set- No more excuses not to become an expert Read more

Trending in my Kitchen: #Nori, #SeaweedSheets

Trending in my Kitchen: #Nori, #SeaweedSheetsfeatured decided to start a little segment about what’s trending in my kitchen. It’s not often what is cool, or new at the grocery store. In fact, this time it’s something I’ve just sort of stumbled upon, learned to love, then obsess, then buy in bulk, carry around in my purse and eventually push on Read more

Tea-Spiced Homemade Granola

Tea-Spiced Homemade Granolafeatured don’t get excited about eating birdseed. If I ever do put granola on my grocery list it’s some kind of mistake — not granola for the sake of granola, but rather crunch gracing an apple crisp or rolled oats on muffin duty. What I have been getting excited about is infusing things. Since lime Read more

National Post – Gastropost Feature!

National Post – Gastropost Feature!featured! Here’s something neat that came from starting Nothing-Found. This Saturday if you were in Toronto and picked up the National Post to read on the subway, well, you’d find me featured in their food section! I got this awesome e.mail Saturday morning: A couple of weeks ago Rebecca from the Gastropost section found one Read more

Margarita Cookies

Margarita Cookiesfeatured live in a pretty busy part of town. Bloor runs down rush-hour-ery and vibrant and obnoxious with all kinds of city buzz. There is no stopping. Except when you come across an insistent patch of ice on the sidewalk. Even when the weather eases up for a few hours; everything melts but this particular Read more

Sweet Cardamom Rice Pudding + Cherry & Coconut

Sweet Cardamom Rice Pudding + Cherry & Coconutfeatured has been a year of fortuitous food moments for me. After posting a pretty unattainable Foodie Gadget Wishlist on the blog, lo and behold, my family and friends purchased and delivered almost ALL the items on it! How have we not been scamming our close ones into buying us things this way all along?!! Oh Read more

Spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Sauce

Spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Saucefeatured my blog with Bloglovin The reason I went vegan last year was to learn a few tricks. Besides trying to understand the philosophy behind it, I also thought it would be a challenge to have so many restrictions on ingredients. You think that’s limiting–but in fact, sometimes working within strict parameters forces you to Read more

Ombre Pancakes with Homemade Lime Butter

Ombre Pancakes with Homemade Lime Butterfeatured to the gesture, and what it has to say. The toast speaks, the coffee screams, the pancakes whisper.  There’s always one who sets the tone. For me, it started with pancakes. I can’t remember whether it was post-fight or pre-birthday but there he was at my doorstep with all the fixings. An armful of Read more

La Poutine Week Round-up

La Poutine Week Round-upfeatured to the La Poutine Week Round-Up. For those of you who don’t know what poutine is, well, it’s Canada’s “signature” dish. Every country has one dish that carries national culture. In Brazil, it’s the famous Feijoada (bean/pork stew). In Canada, it’s the poutine: fries, gravvy (meat or chicken sauce) and cheese. When I first Read more