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Breakfast Pizza Portmanteau

Breakfast Pizza Portmanteaufeatured

It’s a pizza, it’s breakfast, but you can have it for lunch, brunch, supper or lupper. It’s Brekzzah. Yes, this is a Brekzzah. It’s the more rebellious cousin of breakfast for supper, a melding of the world’s two most favourite foods: the breakfast and the pizza. Whether you drink a bottle of wine to yourself Read more

Lemon & Tahini Crusted Sole– Spoonerism

Lemon & Tahini Crusted Sole– Spoonerismfeatured

Some dinner advice: always cook with a wine of glass.  A friend comes over for lunch. She’s on a health kick, doing a New Year cleanse. There are dietary restrictions, she says, but it’s doable. I’m feeling confident, I went vegan for three months for godssakes, and attended many a pot luck where I was Read more

Chilli Circumlocution

Chilli Circumlocutionfeatured

How to divulge that the chilli’s bulge in bulk is found less in thirst for blood but rather rooted in the nutritive herbivorous arts? Chilli. Chilli can go a long way as a one-pot meal, and seen as it is the New Year I will give you a pretty healthy vegetarian chilli. This recipe is special for Read more


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