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What to do with Beet Greens

What to do with Beet Greensfeatured

Don’t you feel bad throwing away the tops of veggies? I had a ton of beet greens from a pickling party, and decided to use them for a meal. But first, a beet green rub-down. I heard about veggie massages from another blogger. Maybe it’s a total ruse….who knows. She claims if you take tough greens Read more

Regular vs. Organic Roast Chicken

Regular vs. Organic Roast Chickenfeatured

The question haunts me once I get to the grocery store. Now that there are so many options for buying organic food products, and often you can find them displayed side-by-side, which do you chose? Regular lemons, or organic lemons? Regular garlic, or organic garlic? Regular butter, or a smaller, more expensive, organic butter packet? Read more

Spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Sauce

Spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Saucefeatured

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The reason I went vegan last year was to learn a few tricks. Besides trying to understand the philosophy behind it, I also thought it would be a challenge to have so many restrictions on ingredients. You think that’s limiting–but in fact, sometimes working within strict parameters forces you to Read more

Lemon & Tahini Crusted Sole– Spoonerism

Lemon & Tahini Crusted Sole– Spoonerismfeatured

Some dinner advice: always cook with a wine of glass.  A friend comes over for lunch. She’s on a health kick, doing a New Year cleanse. There are dietary restrictions, she says, but it’s doable. I’m feeling confident, I went vegan for three months for godssakes, and attended many a pot luck where I was Read more

Chilli Circumlocution

Chilli Circumlocutionfeatured

How to divulge that the chilli’s bulge in bulk is found less in thirst for blood but rather rooted in the nutritive herbivorous arts? Chilli. Chilli can go a long way as a one-pot meal, and seen as it is the New Year I will give you a pretty healthy vegetarian chilli. This recipe is special for Read more

Bacon Bibliomancy- A Bacon Tasting

Bacon Bibliomancy- A Bacon Tastingfeatured

John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. And so these piggies have also laid their lives for us. I figured, having started the year off as a vegan, it was only fitting to include a Bacon Tasting before the year is over. There is Read more

Clam Chowder Conflict

Clam Chowder Conflictfeatured

Over the weekend while 20-Somethings were off schmoozing with their fabulous friends at their weekend parties with their weekend energies and lust for life, I stayed in and cooked. There was a particular meal which cloistered me so. It came from a NYTimes short video guest starring chef April Broomfield. She was making the most Read more

Falafel Fourteneer

Falafel Fourteneerfeatured

A falafel of beans? I know what it means: toot parade– chickpeas in tow, let everyone know, that dinner is made! So I had too many beans in the house. I don’t know how this happens, it’s like I convince myself at the grocery store that it’s always best to cook whole grains instead of Read more

Carnivorous Consonance– Smoked Pork Hock

Carnivorous Consonance– Smoked Pork Hockfeatured

We  haphazardly hack at hocks heralding how a hussy it seems; through fat we find few fleshy figs for feasting. I can blame Jamie Oliver, his revolution, the new partnership with Sobeys and the ads, or simply the lispy English charm. Either way, the need to cook has once more entered my life with full Read more


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