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Best Apple Recipes and Other Musings

Best Apple Recipes and Other Musingsfeatured

Have I mentioned lately that I’m working during the day and going to school (3 courses, no less)? Cause it’s been driving me a little crazy. Time for much- needed weekend rest and fun. On Sunday,  I’ll be apple picking for the first time. There will be baskets! There will be….apples. And, I’ll wear something plaid!  And filter all my Read more

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Homemade Doughnuts

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Homemade Doughnutsfeatured

Oh  your 20s. I hate the term 20-Somethings, because it’s like we’re all a big indiscernible lump of people so clueless that we need not discuss the nuances of cluelessness. But yes. Nobody can accurately describe this time in your life. For a while there I thought, “Why didn’t anybody warn me?! I have an Read more

Bagel Bathos

Bagel Bathosfeatured

Infinity in the bagel is a fact; one loop continually shaped by a baker’s hands, extending into a home, a table, with a dab of butter. Its inspiration is also found with each folding of a stomach, the semblance in donut-hole navel painting the fat-bellied creator with each bite. I’ve not been in my own Read more

Pepin the Great

Pepin the Greatfeatured

Jacques Pepin, When I opened the bread pot this morning and a phlegm-like dough sat sweating in there I thought–Swindler! Another one bites the dust… These chefs with their cheffy ideas, making mounds of plastery dough on television then magically replacing one tray with another that’s ready, fluffed, painted, sculped, sprayed. Who knows what the Read more

Bread and Butter Bucolic

Bread and Butter Bucolicfeatured

I graze on the kitchen counter after working the urban fields. I walked too long, roamed too far, so now I take the cream–harvest it, deep from fridge of the nearby mini-mart. If saltines will most likely be supper, then at least may the butter be fresh. Simple pleasures: bread and butter. Every night when Read more


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