Easy Christmas Cocktail : The Cordial Ms.Claus

Easy Christmas Cocktail : The Cordial Ms.Clausfeatured

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I’m feeling a bit less grumpy, even…cordial *ahem ahem, insert terrible tie-in to cocktail name*. Afterall, on Monday we’ll have entered December – the last goddoggin’ month of this year. Which has been great, don’t get me wrong. But like, new beginnings! Family! Good pillows, fresh, absorbing towels with no stains on them, name-brand crackers in the cupboard!

And also, in my case, the warmth of a Brazilian beach. I`m sorry, but I believe the only term applicable here is…Suck it.

If you`re still enjoying American Thanksgiving, more power to the stretch on your pants, and turkey vibes all around. This is a cocktail you can whip up for the occasion; show the fam who`s gotten schmancy in their absence. Or just have it alone, cuddled under a blanket (like I did).
Cordial Ms.Clause
The star here is elderflower cordial – you`ll have to find it somewhere, or get it here , because the taste is sooo yumm. It`s like a floral honey – that`s the best I can describe it. Totally unique and every time you sip it it`s like sucking the sweet nectar of sunshine itself, while holding hands with a tiny, smiling flower….oh elderflower, we are sweet sweet friends now. Check out the other cordial flavours if you`re curious….
Elderflower cordial
Elderflower, Belvoir Fruits

Here`s the recipe : it`s a straight-shooter. Real simple. You put in as much vodka as you`d care to prescribe on the given day. You top it off with elderflower cordial, a couple of ice cubes. You add a tablespoon of fresh orange juice – just squeeze it in the glass. Lastly, garnish with a little skewer of cranberries – I didn`t have twiggies so I used a dried stem from my mint plant – my casually unadulterated genius at work. You can crush a couple of cranberries and let them float too. Ta-da! Sweet holiday feels all around.

What gets you in the Christmas mood? Tell me in the comments!
Cordial Ms.Clause


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