5 Food Blogging Secrets (and Home-Churned Mint Butter/Buttermilk)

5 Food Blogging Secrets (and Home-Churned Mint Butter/Buttermilk)featured

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There are so many things people don’t know about food blogging. One of them, is that it’s nearly a heroic feat to consistently post recipes in the winter. Why is that? Well…If you’re an amateur food blogger (as I am), then you keep a day job. Let’s say it’s your regular 9am-5pm gig. So when does the cooking happen?


1. SCHEDULING: The shopping, cooking, photographing, editing, uploading, writing and posting happens in snippets. It’s a broken-up dance that must achieve continuity throughout the week. I shop or write during my lunch hour – rushing from the office to the grocery store, or to sit at a food court and jot down notes/ideas. Sometimes I even bring my laptop on the subway to write the shell of a post. It all takes so much time – for example, this post was revised 17 times!

2. LIGHTING: The cooking has to happen on a sunny day, when I can make sure the photos will be decent-looking, as I stand in the yard hovering over plates and sprinkling herbs/fruits as props while the neighbours watch, amused. I used to be embarrassed about this, but now I’ve accepted it as my kooky hobby. I also still photograph with a slow-ass Iphone 4!  But hey…not bad….

Agave Syrup, Rasberry, Mint ButterRaspberry, Mint Snack

3. WEATHER MISHAPS/WINTER HOURS: I dread winter (Hello! Brazilian over here!!) because I don’t know what the future of my blog is. Getting home at 6:00pm means there is hardly any sunlight left right now. In the thick of it – it will be dark at 4:00pm. No chance….

4. RECIPE BACKLOGS: If the weekend is particularly uneventful (as I am nearing 26 they seem to have dwindled to books and cats, thankfully) I sometimes backlog as many recipes as I can. I make a bunch of food all at once and then use the recipes at a later date. Ya gotta do whacha ya gotta do.

5. LIFE HAPPENS DURING BLOGGING: My life looks nothing like the post does. There is an absurd amount of mess in the kitchen at all times. While I stood on a chair photographing a cranberry cake this week, I discovered I was a victim of credit card fraud. I am literally calling the bank telling them, I don’t have time for this! I have to fold the buttermilk!! Carefully!!

Here is the result of all of this work. I churned a mint-infused butter and used the buttermilk for a cranberry loaf – recipe to come. In the meantime, I just use the butter on snacks. Herbed butter and jam is delicious! But this time I lathered it on a cracker, threw some raspberries on it and drizzled it with agave syrup.

Still. Sometimes I wonder, what I am doing it for? What is the goal? But I know the answer. I just like it. It’s not for you, it’s not for me – it’s for the sake of it. Of making something that happens to be very delicious.

Mint Butter/Buttermilk
-Whipped Cream (must be 35% fat)
-Dried Mint (about 3 tbsp.)

Churching your own butter is so simple. You just have to over-beat it with a mixer, past the point where it is whipped cream. This will take about 15 minutes, and you’ll notice a butter curd separating from white liquid. Drain the butter, keeping the infused buttermilk for baking!

Buttermilk : Use for baking, pancakes, etc – Mint Buttermilk Cranberry Loaf recipe to come!
Mint Butter: Great on bagels, crackers, with jam, on meats. I put mine on some crackers with raspberries and a little agave syrup for an afternoon snack 🙂

Did any of these blogging secrets surprise you? Wondering about something else…? Let me know!



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