Baked Oregano Egg Clouds

Baked Oregano Egg Cloudsfeatured

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I’ve been feeling a little off lately – needing to get my ducks in a row. I wrote October down the other day – rounding off month “10” of this year. Things are moving too quickly. This weekend I’m going to take stock of everything that’s happened. To see where I am, think about what to do next –  no pressure…just a little exercise in reflection.

Anyway, here’s a twist on a weekend breakfast I found: the egg cloud. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a beaten egg white infused with oregano, then a coddled yolk that bakes in the oven. 
Egg CloudsEgg White Breakfast

Internet Dilly Dallying:

1. Can’t get enough of Vogue’s short “73 questions” videos with celebrities. Sarah Jessica Parker’s green walls are somehow to die for…even though I never used to like green. 🙂

2. Wish I had these Journal Adventure packs from SproutsPress for my weekend introspective. SO cute, but also, methinks Christmas gifting perfection, no?

3. AWESOME ALERT – this hat for brunch!! Would put all other brunchers to shame. If only I had $350 laying around the house…hmm….

4. This article made me think about learning to complain well- not to be an asshole, but to take back a little power when things break and they shouldn’t…after all it’s my hard earned money (I’m looking at you, 2nd monthly Presiden’t Choice mini-chop, you in all your fire-starting ways)….here

5. Really into bouquet subscriptions, especially by city growers like Herb N’ Meadow. Look at their adorable flower wreaths on Instagram…makes grocery store roses look hella dowdy.

6. Just finished the most amazing book by Toronto Book Awards finalist Anthony De Sa – totally heart wrenching but probably one of my favourite reads this year, especially if you’re of Portuguese background.

7. Been thinking about making some serious dulce de leche batches soon – just recently learning about canning and I’m pretty much hooked! These flavours look amazing….here

8. Also, did you know you can make bath bombs at home?!! Screw Lush – I want some food inspired baths…madagascar vanilla, orange chocolate or rosewater baths anyone??

9. Considering upgrading my “weekend pants” (baggy Gap boyfriend jeans) into this fat-friendly, cute loungey-and-walking around town attire. Woolen knee highs to go with? Yes please!

10. Oregano egg cloud  adapted and inspired from this video. I have no idea what language it’s in so I guessed the oven temperature at 200 degrees. I also tossed the tomato in some of the bacon grease for a little flavour. Yum!

Egg Yolks

Carefully adding in the yolk
Egg White Clouds

Egg Clouds and Bacon Tomato Salad



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