A Fridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil – 20-Something Fridges

A Fridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil – 20-Something Fridgesfeatured

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If the eye is the window to the soul, is the fridge the welcome mat to our culinary heritage, cheap snacks, and bad food metaphors?

Remember that guy who photographed a bunch of fridges? Well I’m no photographer…but the study is interesting. You can learn a lot about someone from peeking inside their icebox. You can picture the groove of their daily life. You can notice whether they have time to make a full meal, if they mostly order out, if they carry an obsessive compulsive cleaning streak, perhaps. I suspect my fridge says, “Unless bagged and tagged, no ginger nub and errant onion bit shall roam free.” Chaos is the devil’s playground, no?

These are habits that 20-Somethings are developing. Learning to cook. Maybe even less ambitious ones like trying to eat a vegetable once in a while.
I wondered, what is the fridge of 20-Somethings around the world like? Is there a common-thread being pulled as we all navigate the changes into adulthood?




This is my cousin Giuliana’s fridge. Giuliana lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and works for a luxury travel agency as a copy writer. She has a journalism degree, and loves Brazilian food. In fact, she recently started the first online subscription company in the country, which delivers premium artisanal Brazilian cachaca, (a sugarcane spirit) to your doorstep. It’s such a cool idea — and Quintal da Cachaca as it’s called, has a growing number of members and has been featured in local and national newspaper food columns.

Brazilian Fridge Contents:

1.  Yogurt. Classic breakfast on the go.
2.  Beer – Giuliana’s stocks on Brahma.
3.  Fresh veggies and fruit prevail – in Brazil, produce is for the most part, still cheaper than processed foods.
4. One condiment – notice there is only one condiment on the door shelves…good old’ Ketchup.
5.  Yakult – the tiny bottles on the top shelf by the eggs are Yakult, a fermented milk drink all Brazilians grew up drinking. It’s got a sour taste you can only enjoy if you’ve had since you were a kid. I’ve found it at Asian grocery stores in North America, and if you ever come across it, try it for yourself!

Giuliana Fridge
For the most part, Giu makes rice and beans during the week. But come Wednesday – it’s pizza time. Note the round take out box in the bottom shelf hides the take-out pizza.

Below is a Brazilian twist on yogurt drinks. The flavor of the bottles on the far ends are of Graviola fruit, known in English as Soursop. Soursop is not actually sour, it’s sweet and delicious. Have you seen a Soursop before?

Brazilian Yogurt
In the next few weeks, on Sunday, I will post sneak peeks into 20-Something fridges. You’ll be seeing fridge pics from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Korea, Paris…and hopefully more, so stay tuned!


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