On Burning the Nutella Cake (Nobody Cared)

On Burning the Nutella Cake (Nobody Cared)featured

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I burnt the cake, you guys.

We still ate it all.
But there was quite a bit of cutting and trimming it,  and the crispy bits crumbled everywhere …
Entertaining and blogging are two tasks I have not mastered at the same time. But like, we are going to burn the cake in life, aren’t we? Now…how am I gonna sell you on this overcooked orphan of a cake we neglected for the sake of our own selfish whims (cold beer, good company…)? A careless minute – the sponge hardened, the cake toughened. Such is life.
It is not a total loss.
There is Nutella in it.
It is really easy to make.
It is a well known Brazilian staple (Rocambole) – essentially just a sheet of cake that you roll over into a bun.

Rocambole Nutella

Possible reasons we burnt the cake. A random assortment of things floating around my head this week:

1. I invited my neighbours over for some homemade pizzas, beer and a backyard hangout (and they’re tooootally cool, not even a single hint of creepy, boring, or weird. *sigh of relief*). We ate the whole rocambole. Made it twice this week, with not a crumb left behind. 

2. Fall reading list currently being assembled…and #1 is this. It’s gonna be a kooky old time with Ms. Atwood.

3. Speaking of kooky…resolved to up my shoe game this year – as I am feeling like a womanly 25-year-old woman who needs not wear black flats for the rest of her life – came across a delightful design. Wish I had a cotillion to attend in these..

4. As you may know, the name of my life partner (kitten) is Nuggie. Or rather, was Nuggie. Until this youtube video happened, and maybe it’s old news, but I can’t even think about it without succumbing to small seizured fits of hilarity.

5.  My theory on Fall bangs abstracts a deadline on getting a new cut: September 20th. One day before the official turn of the season, so you can beat everyone to the punch on the bang-cutting train, without it being so early that you look stupid if a last summer heat wave comes in and your forehead has a lick of hair stuck to it all day.
Should I go with a subtle, simple bang? Or dark and layered?

6. And lastly, God bless Amy Schumer. Keepin’ it real during Fashion Week, that’s my gurl.

Folding Egg Whites IMG_8482 IMG_8483 IMG_8481 IMG_8487


Nutella Rocambole Recipe ————————————————————————->rocambole

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