Brunching: Poached Eggs on Fisherman’s Toast

Brunching: Poached Eggs on Fisherman’s Toastfeatured

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When I lived in New Brunswick, I was often asked why the hell I moved from Brazil to such an obscure province. It’s one of those twisty life things…I just kind of ended up there, not knowing where it was on the map.

Now that I’ve been in Toronto for a year, I often bemoan city life. It’s too difficult, it’s too hectic, people are rude. So when my good friend Amber visited last week from New Brunswick (on her way to Vancouver), I felt more at home than I have been in 12 months. I missed having someone around who knows me and cares about me.

We brunched – like Torontonians do. Oh, I hate brunch – the long lines, the throbbing hangover headache as you wait in line…why would anybody want to lug themselves out of bed and go out to brunch? Well brunch, I guess, is where urbanites de-brief. And while Amber was here we had to brunch at little spot in Roncesvalles. I’m giving in. I’m trying. Below, my homemade twist on brunch.

When brunching, old school eggs and bacon just don’t cut it. You gotta put a twist on it. This is  Poached Eggs over Fisherman’s Toast. It’s something I picked up from David Burke on Top Chef Duels. What a great name and maritime tribute! Fisherman’s toast is charred toast with butter, crumbled nori (seaweed sheets) and lemon zest. So simple and soooo tasty. Poach a couple of eggs (I made a mistake making just one!) and leave the yolk a bit runny to sop up with the toast.


Brunch Must-Haves:

1.Drip Coffee. Lots of it.

2. A brief rant about a terrible work situation (although you are being overly dramatic – which is ok at brunch).

3. A single friend who discusses his/her love life freely.

4. A reminiscing session. A year back, 7 years back. And then conclude how old you’ve gotten.

IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8398

The weather is getting colder, crisper…it’s definitely turning into fall and I can’t help but long for New Brunswick. For something cozy and familiar like a good friend and a good meal. But things are changing, and so we’ve had to adapt.
Amber is about to start a fabulous life in Vancouver as a registered nurse in General Surgery, something she’s studied the last 7 years to achieve. So, I will deal with brunching as a new part of my life. It won’t be half as hard as holding a human heart with my bare hands, or whatever.

How do you feel about brunch? Or better…having cocktails at brunch? Any takers?


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