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1. Outdoor Arpeggios Dress in Jade from Modcloth- I’m really into stretched out lace prints right now, even though they do sometimes look like doilies! This is a nod to St Patty’s that you can wear again in the spring (if it ever gets here…)
2. To-Go Beer Pong Set- No more excuses not to become an expert at this game, which I currently suck at, when you can bring it along with you everywhere you go. Study groups? Baby showers?
3. Mix Master Cocktail Shaker- For all those who think mixing drinks is just dumping liquor in with Sprite, it’s time to step it up. This shaker has the proportions stamped right on it.
4. Bubbled Beverage Dispenser- Fancy bitch alert! I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time, I imagine throwing garden parties with tiny sandwiches and dinners with assigned seating. Some day.
5. Picnic Egg Caddy- This would also be found at the garden party, and by then I’d have a killer re-imagining of the devilled egg to go with it. Something involving removing the cooked yolk, creaming it with herbs and spices, then piping it back into the egg white in a rustic pattern.
6.Beer Tasting Flight- Fancy shot-glass holder. But I suppose you could just sip and taste too.
7. Custom Beer Labels- It would be so nice to customize your own beer labels for a party. Especially if you delve into the home-brew thing.
8. Botticino Marble Coasters- I don’t use coasters, and if I had these I’d probably put them up as art. The green marbling is beautiful and they are 100% hand-made. Gorgeous!
9. Gold Four-Leaf Clover Pendant- I love charm bracelets, but sometimes you just need one good pendant. That way you don’t need to make sure it matches an outfit or is too fussy. Keep it simple and you never have to take it off.
10. Shared History Hangover Tea Does it work? Who knows…but the morning after St. Patty’s I’m sure you’ll try just about anything. This tea is locally made with Yerba mate, lemon myrtle and lemon peel.
11. Stereomood- I know this website is old news, but I find it useful for get-togethers. Instead of worrying about managing the music all night just throw on your “mood” and let it play. They even have a category for if you’re feeling like “a drunken irishman”!

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