Trending in my Kitchen: #Nori, #SeaweedSheets

Trending in my Kitchen: #Nori, #SeaweedSheetsfeatured

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I decided to start a little segment about what’s trending in my kitchen. It’s not often what is cool, or new at the grocery store. In fact, this time it’s something I’ve just sort of stumbled upon, learned to love, then obsess, then buy in bulk, carry around in my purse and eventually push on friends to eat. Currently trending is seaweed, also known as nori.You can’t ig-nori-it! Once you seaweed, you want…weed?….ok I tried.
nori salad I mean, the nature of trends is entirely elusive. Now that food is something that we take pictures of before consuming, use for bragging rights on social media, I’ve noticed that food trends catch on just because someone says so. Kale’s a given trend, as is bacon– May God smite me if I speaketh an unkind word.

And then there’s Mixologists and their Crazy Drink Ideas.
I’ve had experiences with mixologists twice now, where I ask for a fancy drink because there’s a man at the counter who’s job is literally to mix me the best drink ever. The first was a mojito-esque cocktail called “The Paloma” from a restaurant featured on Vice.
I watched the mixologist, poor guy, stand at the counter trying to look very busy all night. He’d chop a lemon and wipe the cutting board profusely, trying so hard to pretend like a stray lemon segment might affect the careful science of his drink, like it might burst into radioactive acid, blow up in our faces leaving 30 errant Spider-people as customers.
But the mad science of “The Paloma” was mojito-esque in that it tasted exactly like a mojito. The kind I made in high school.

The other mixologist I encountered had come up with a Kimchi Sour, a take on a whiskey sour which would infuse fermented cabbage juice to make it magically taste better. I love Kimchi in many forms, particularly as the dehydrated powder laden with MSG used for flavouring cheap ramen, but not in a sweet cocktail. It was foul. Not just unpleasant but throughly undrinkable and I let a glass full of whiskey go to waste!!

What’s currently trending in my kitchen is seaweed sheets, or nori. When I was a nanny this was a snack-time favourite and I was known to steal a sheet here and there from unsuspecting 6-year-olds. I just love the saltiness, that nutty sea flavour with and the crunch. The other day walking by Chinatown, I came across a bulk pack of 15 nori packets! I had to have it.
Nori SaladNori is good to munch on while having a beer. Like bar food, beer and peanuts re-imagined. But in a meal, I like to use it to spice up a salad by sprinkling little strips on top. As far as veggies, go with what you have in the fridge! This is a random assortment of my own: grates carrots, sliced cucumber, onion, sweet peas, sun sprouts and flaked white tuna. You can totally leave the tuna out if you wanna go full vegetarian.
Salad Mix Yummy Nori Saladnori saladOr, another option on how to use it is to make a little salad mixture. Then take your salad and spoon small amounts on the nori sheet, and use the seaweed as a little wrap to pick it up, like an asian salad taco!
Nori tacoNori Wrap  I’m pumped about it, and quite honestly, I think you should be too. Hashtag it right into your stomach. #seaweedwantweed #can’tig-nori-it


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