National Post – Gastropost Feature!

National Post – Gastropost Feature!featured

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Guys! Here’s something neat that came from starting Nothing-Found. This Saturday if you were in Toronto and picked up the National Post to read on the subway, well, you’d find me featured in their food section! I got this awesome e.mail Saturday morning:
A couple of weeks ago Rebecca from the Gastropost section found one of my food pics on Instagram and said she wanted to share it. I started Tweeting and Instagraming my recipes with the hashtag #gastropost.

Once a week the best posters get featured in the newspaper. And here I am, part of this Saturday’s feature! I get my own Gastrosketch and everything, though I have to say…I look better in person!

I wanted to share the news with you because:
A) I’ve never been in the paper before!
B) I’m famous!
C) We need to look at my delicious Sweet Cardamom Rice Pudding just oooone more time.

Check it out:
I know…the sketch is unfortunate. But if you’d like to see it the “old fashioned way” in actual print, there’s a PDF of the paper available here.
Here’s hoping my recipes make it to a feature every week. A girl can dream.

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