Spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Sauce

Spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Saucefeatured

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The reason I went vegan last year was to learn a few tricks. Besides trying to understand the philosophy behind it, I also thought it would be a challenge to have so many restrictions on ingredients. You think that’s limiting–but in fact, sometimes working within strict parameters forces you to be creative. I learned the most about cooking during that experiment because I had to make so many things from scratch. With the lack of meat and dairy, being a vegan quickly became about embracing grains. And so my love of lentils was born. Lentil Fritter IngredientsLentil MixI loved lentils before, I just didn’t know they could be the main event. Growing up my mom had snuck lentils into rice and that was about it. There are so many more options: Dahl, a hearty, spicy, gingery lentil soup, lentil burgers, curries, and these spicy little fritters. They’re somewhere in between a falafel and crumbly burger. What I love is the Indian chile, which unlike other spices, only reveals itself at the end. At first you think, This isn’t all that spicy. But two or three fritters in and you’re reaching for a glass of water. LENTIL PATTY MIXLentil MixThis yoghurt dressing helps cool your tongue off a bit. It’s tzatziki inspired, shall we say. Except no cucumber lasts around here longer than a day. I am a cucumber fiend, and therefore had to substitute them for radishes. It’s a similar crunch but it’s got a peppery bite to it. Yum. Radish Yogurt DressingRadish Sauce Lentil Fritters, Salad, Radish Sauce PattiesI talk so much about all the garbage I eat on here. But most of it is facetious so I thought it was time to share some of the “healthier” weekday recipes. I’m not really eating burgers dipped in lard covered in Twinkies all week. (That’s Friday/Saturday fare after all). You know when you drag yourself to the gym and actually go to Pilates on time? Nobody wants to ruin that saint-like afterglow by eating creamy pasta or a greasy sandwich. This is that meal–that confidence boost that you made the right choices today.  IMG_5055Spicy Lentil FrittersI hope this is a fair introduction to lentils. To be honest, I know they’ll be up on the blog again soon. It’s inevitable. They’re just too darn tasty, good for you and hearty. I leave you with these warm spicy lentil fritters, the recipe is on a card below the post. That way if you want to try them, you can just open up the image and leave the laptop on the counter to read as you go! Try them and let me know what you think. RecipeCard SIgnature

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Here you will find food stories about the recipes I tackle in my kitchen. I promise to always be experimental. There may be food flops and poetic blunders. It’ll be reverse logic - good food that looks bad, bad food that looks amaaaazing, a solid try, a lazy attempt, a ton of stuff and little bits of nothing.

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