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Oh  your 20s. I hate the term 20-Somethings, because it’s like we’re all a big indiscernible lump of people so clueless that we need not discuss the nuances of cluelessness.

But yes. Nobody can accurately describe this time in your life. For a while there I thought, “Why didn’t anybody warn me?! I have an older sister, she could’ve told me something about how to navigate this,” But no.

Nobody told us, because what advice is there to give? I can only sum it up like this:
Everything I thought about “growing up” and how “things were going to be” did not turn out as I imagined. There are some bleak, stark realities. People/Friendships/Relationships become a very complicated thing. We are all just floating. LifeNStuff, Pass the wine.
ENTER: Making donuts in Montreal!! A friend was there for a visit, so I thought to join the party. I wasn’t even invited, I just gave my friends/hosts notice of my arrival. 6 hours on the bus later, it was Bienvenue!

It’s good to see a familiar face once in a while. Since moving to Toronto it’s been a bit of a mad scramble. I didn’t realize until I got to Montreal how badly I needed old friends.
Koichi ErikaWine Cap Holes
And there was food to be had. All kinds of delicious food, including at one point three different kinds of brie. Pulled pork in a mole sauce.  Homemade Falafels and Tzatziki. The most amazing hangover brunch. I haven’t had roommates in a while either so maybe that was part of it. That whole convivial kitchen thing– the total mess, everyone wants to help without enough room or stuff to help with, ending in a communal meal. So much nicer than when I have to cook all this stuff for the blog and eat it alone. Note all aspects of drunken mess in the photos. Also, twerking and frying proves a dangerous endeavour.
Donut messFriedFrying N TwerkinOur first attempt at homemade donuts turned out well! Some were supposed to be filled with a macerated raspberry and brown sugar jam. Except while waiting for the donuts to rise we played a Jerry Springer drinking game, and cut holes through all the donuts.
Rendering them un-fillable. THANK JERRY SPRINGER AND 24 BEER. No really though, Merci, I had fun.
sauceDonutsI also tried making a French dark beer caramel sauce to glaze some of the donuts. And of course, the classic sugar and cinnamon rolled donut. They were delicious, especially considering the evolution of our drunkenness. This recipe also makes a BIG batch of donuts AND donut holes are an added bonus.

I don’t care if you make these donuts or not, to be honest. It’s got nothing to do with what you make. I was just so so happy that amongst being our nonsensical 20-Something selves and having to catch up on all of that, we could still sit, relax and just settle into it. Settle into staying in, rolling out dough in between beer shots. Settle into being apart for so long and it being OK.

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