Birthday Wishlist- Foodie Gadgets

Birthday Wishlist- Foodie Gadgetsfeatured

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1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer–Pistachio $499.00
Alert the media, call Ellen Degeneres, Oprah and all other gift-giving talk show hosts, I must have this. Does Martha Stewart have a Make a Wish Foundation to bestow these upon poor students? If not, a good old fashioned pimp will do–I’ll sell pictures of my foot covered in honey or something. *PASTA ATTACHMENT MUST BE INCLUDED.
Kitchenaid Mixer in Pistachio
2.Anthropologie Polka Apron- $32.00
Total kitchen couture. I mean this apron looks nicer than most of the REAL dresses, non-apron clothes I have hanging in my closet! Perfect for casually greeting people at the door like a foodie Audrey Hepburn.
Polka Apron
3. A L’Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil- $25.00 at Amazon
I love olive oil so much sometimes I just pour it into a spoon and drink it. Is that wrong? I just feel like its an ancient youth elixir, it’s like, embalming me from the inside and one day I’ll emerge looking like Julia Roberts in a sun hat tending to my tomatoes in Italy.
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
4. Barque Smokehouse Baskets- $80-260
Barque is a gourmet barbecue restaurant near our place on Roncesvalles avenue. I was there recently and have to say that whoever is running the place has extreme attention to detail. Every table has a big tin of house-made spiced popcorn, old-fashioned milk jugs with your choice of flat or sparkling water, brushes to lather on different house BBQ sauces. I mean, just great stuff. They cure their own meats, stuff their own artisan chorizos– which are to die for btw. And they also have these gift baskets with full of goodies! From spice rubs, to snacks and even different wood chips to smoke your own meat! I waaant. 
Barque's barquebaskets-barquesbest
5. Harvard Bookstore- Signed First Editions Club Membership- $200 (guestimate)
This is not a food gadget, I know. But  sometimes you have to wait. Wait for your dough to rise, wait for the cake to cool, the muffins to bake, etc, etc. SoThe Harvard Bookstore has this book club program that you sign-up for and receive signed first editions copies of their selections monthly. It’s a super cool idea and reading is the perfect thing to do while you wait.


6.Olivewood Cutting Board- Etsy $56.23
Big enough to throw an old roast on there, butcher a large rack o’ ribs or display several varities of cheese sculptures! I call cheddared Leslie Knope!
7.Microplane Grater- William Sonoma $19.72
My grater is from the dollar store and the plastic holder at the top recently tore off. I just kind of hold at the top of the tiny blades unsteadily and…its all blood in the cake batter once in a while. Even if I stuck my finger through the microplane, at least it would be a smaller, neater, finger zesting.
8.Gino Paoli Vinyl- $$ Don’t know!
This is  perfect cooking music, I am convinced. Where at the record store is the section entitled Lovely and Dreamy Foreign Music? Cause I’d like to buy all of the vinyls, wear my polka-dot apron and float away inflated by complete happiness and joy. 

9.Rachel Ray Bench Scraper- Macy’s $10.08
Dude, this thing is genius! I’ve seen people using it on TV and I get so mad when I try to grab all my frigging chopped onions with a knife and then half of them fall on the floor on the way to the stove. With this you scrape, scoop and carry a bunch of chop-ables to their destination!
Bench Scraper10.John Packman’s Chicken Portraits- $$no idea
These were part of an art exhibit at a gallery near my house. I was walking home from work and saw the installation of these massive photos entitled Chicken Portraits. I laughed so hard. I think the photos are fantastic, and would make incredible kitchen art work. I think it’s their expression. Dignified, yet…neurotic?


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