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It’s a pizza, it’s breakfast, but you can have it for lunch, brunch, supper or lupper.
It’s Brekzzah.

BrekzzahYes, this is a Brekzzah. It’s the more rebellious cousin of breakfast for supper, a melding of the world’s two most favourite foods: the breakfast and the pizza.

Whether you drink a bottle of wine to yourself on the weekend or NOT you should go to the grocery store right this minute.
Don’t you dare make your own pizza dough. There’s no time! A hangover headache is lurking around Saturday morning, and we need no nonsense.

Let us impress our hungover friends, woo our significant others or devour it alone in plain sight standing over the stove, racoon-eyed. You may not have properly removed  make-up from the evening before, but gosh darn it, you put together a gourmet breakfast pizza. You changed the landscape of food ambition for the day. You are a hero.

IngredientsNow, a pack of bacon. Three eggs. Shredded cheese. Pizza dough.
Whatever other gourmet toppings you like though I suggest chopped shallots, chives, spring onions, other herby green tufts that strike your fancy, mushrooms and/or cherry tomatoes. Sliced up little breakfast wieners?! Yessssss, I get to say wiener on my blog.

There. When that fateful weekend morning does come around, you’re ready for a badass meal. You just drag yourself to the kitchen, pop open that Pillsbury dough can, stretch it out into whatever semblance of an oval blob you can manage, and BOOM. Cheese, BOOM, crack them eggs, BOOM bacon bits (eeeh, ok must be pre-cooked a bit), 400 degree oven. BAM.
Eggos Leave the herbies for the end. Do not overcook. I confess I did, in fear that yolk would run, and the eggs were  rubbery. It’s ok, I Srirracha’d and ate the whole pie all the same.
You can also scramble the eggs in a pan then throw it on top. Be a Brekzzah artiste, please.

And I’ll prove to you just how badass this is. Since I have to blog in advance, I made this deadly Brekzzah on a Wednesday afternoon. And ate it. Like a boss. I wasn’t hungover, I was just…doing laundry eating a Brekzzah.
Anyway, just a suggestion in case you want to spice up your weekend eats without too much effort.


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