Lemon & Tahini Crusted Sole– Spoonerism

Lemon & Tahini Crusted Sole– Spoonerismfeatured

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Some dinner advice: always cook with a wine of glass. 
Lemon Tahini Sole

A friend comes over for lunch. She’s on a health kick, doing a New Year cleanse. There are dietary restrictions, she says, but it’s doable. I’m feeling confident, I went vegan for three months for godssakes, and attended many a pot luck where I was the jerk with the dietary restrictions. Oh, I’m sorry, you made a delicious four-cheese spinach dip? WELL CHEESE IS THE DEVIL AND I REFUSE TO BE POSESSED. Animal-cruelty-free-Holy-water ONLY I’m afraid.

But, another one for my repertoire. Except, who named this cleanse? It’s like the diet of washed up rock-n-roll frontmen gone granola. I present, the Wild Rose Cleanse:
No breads.
No flour.
No tropical fruits.
No fermented foods.
No dairy.
No sugar.
Other weird, senseless prohibitions: bananas, dried fruit, fruit juices, peanuts, oranges, pasta, soups thickened with flour, raisins, pineapples, honey, shellfish, yogurt.

FishyPotato SaladSo, this is what I came up with. The Lemon-Tahini sauce is inspired from a Wild Rose Recipes blog. Sole is a fantastic fish, light, mild and extremely cheap. Two thin fillets came to 2 dollars! Granted, they were cut very thin. Like, Portia de Rossi thin, but..portion-control! Health, happiness and 2014 joy, right?! Just, live love laugh about it.
You could use halibut, or tilapia even. You know, I don’t see why you couldn’t use whatever kind of fish you well damn please.

These are potatoes tossed in a kind of German-style broth dressing. They’re inspired by Luisa Weiss’ Kartoffelsalat, but I eyeballed her recipe and ingredients so hard that it’s a ummm…loose interpretation, shall we say. It was just a vinaigrette dressing cause we couldn’t use mayonnaise–wild rose tyrants. You cook down an onion in butter, then add some chicken broth, lemon juice (or vinegar), a bit of dijon mustard, and let it reduce.
Tater Salad
Garlic AspargusThrow a little aspargey on the side and voila! We have made one snotty, new-agey meal for all to enjoy! I kid, I kid. ‘Tis a great meal. The potatoes are filing, the veg is green and lush and good for you, and the sole really is the winner. I will be making the Lemon-Tahini crust again because it’s ridiculously easy and has a huge flavour pay-off. I think it would go really well on chicken.
Lemon Tahini Crust
-5 TB of lemon juice
-1 garlic clove
-1/2 teasp salt
-1/2 cup tahini
-a bit of olive oil
This makes WAY more than enough to coat two fillet, probably close to 5 or 6.


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