Bacon Bibliomancy- A Bacon Tasting

Bacon Bibliomancy- A Bacon Tastingfeatured

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John 15:13: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

And so these piggies have also laid their lives for us. I figured, having started the year off as a vegan, it was only fitting to include a Bacon Tasting before the year is over.
There is no hoopla about this post. It is just bacon.

Double-Smoked, Side Cut, Organic, Boar, Breakfast Bacon

Double-Smoked, Side Cut, Organic, Boar, Breakfast Bacon

In Latin: Lardo. (also my night-time alter-ego)
Or German: Spek.
Spanish? Tocino.
Lardo, Spek, Tocino, Bacon!

All taken from butchers at the St.Lawrence Market in Toronto, here’s what we’ve got, from left to right:
Bacon #1: Double-Smoked
Bacon #2: Side Bacon
Bacon #3: Organic Free Range
Bacon #4: Wild Boar Bacon
Bacon #5: Breakfast Bacon
Piggy StoreSpekBaconWhat was the purpose of this exercise? Besides peaking at life by eating piles of bacon alone and drinking red wine?

Besides trying to break a world record in immediate heart-attacks induced by pork products? Well my fellow Lardos, I wanted to see if you can taste the difference!

So here are my Bacon Notes:

1. Curl
It is very important that your bacon curls as you cook it. I don’t know why, but it just gets crispier with a curl. Not all of the slices I purchased curled, which made me feel like I was eating dog jerky instead of gorgeously twisted piece of animal flesh.

2. Cut
Thick-cut or thinly sliced is really a matter of taste, but I will argue that  thick cut always loses. We want bacon not ham, so watch for how thick your slice is.

3. Meat-Fat Ratio
A good slice of bacon will have proportionate amounts of meat and fat. If it’s mostly meat, you get a dry slice. If it’s mostly fat, it withers into oblivion.

4. Smoke
… Eat several slices of bacon in a row while drinking and I assure you after a while you won’t know whats what. Except for the smoked slice. Every time I picked up the double-smoked bacon, I knew what it was. There is nothing like the double-smoke.
BaconLook, I know bacon is a trend. Along with moustaches and beard oil, and flannel, and twerking, and acrylic deer antlers to decorate your living room or some crap. But Lardos, if we can take anything away from this week where I gained 10 pounds by eating bacon, let it be that the practice of smoking things should be widespread. That we should all buy tiny smoker guns and start smoking our own salmon, bacon, ham, eggs, chairs, pets, pillows.

Let us resolve for the New Year to smoke more. To smoke wide. To smoke far.


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