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Jacques Pepin,
Garlic, Savory Herbs

When I opened the bread pot this morning and a phlegm-like dough sat sweating in there I thought–Swindler!
Another one bites the dust…

These chefs with their cheffy ideas, making mounds of plastery dough on television then magically replacing one tray with another that’s ready, fluffed, painted, sculped, sprayed. Who knows what the beautitians of food pageantry do for television anyway!
A BreadIt was no lie. You did not deceive. With a sprinkling of garlic and herbs on top–your suggestion–I learn to believe in myself once more.
Sliced Bread

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Here you will find food stories about the recipes I tackle in my kitchen. I promise to always be experimental. There may be food flops and poetic blunders. It’ll be reverse logic - good food that looks bad, bad food that looks amaaaazing, a solid try, a lazy attempt, a ton of stuff and little bits of nothing.

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