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I graze on the kitchen counter
after working the urban fields.
I walked too long, roamed too far,
so now I take the cream–harvest it,
deep from fridge of the nearby mini-mart.
If saltines will most likely be supper,
then at least may the butter be fresh.

Simple pleasures: bread and butter. Every night when I get home from work and school, I lean on the kitchen counter sighing about how I’m always “Feeling Carby.” Baguettes are too time consuming, so I scoured a couple of old shows looking for an easier bread recipe.
Enter Jacques Pepin.
This french culinary master claims you can make bread overnight. Essentially his idea is to throw everything in a pot, put it in the fridge and then bake it in the morning.

I’ve tried to make this recipe before, rejecting his golden rule that the pot must be non-stick. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?
Everything. It didn’t rise, it stuck to the pot like fossilized gluten and generally just tasted horrible.

So here I go again with his recipe.
Bread MixAs an added bonus, I decided to make my own butter. I purchased a very fancy mixer from Value Village this afternoon and then a couple of cartons of whipping cream.

Making butter is the most beautiful thing.
After you whip the cream past a certain point it starts to separate from a liquid. Said liquid is buttermilk. The rest of the golden clots are butter. It was my first time doing it and I will DEFINITELY be doing it again.

SO simple. Just…cream, mix, 20 minutes, boom! Like buttah.

Check back tomorrow morning to see how the bread turned out!


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Here you will find food stories about the recipes I tackle in my kitchen. I promise to always be experimental. There may be food flops and poetic blunders. It’ll be reverse logic - good food that looks bad, bad food that looks amaaaazing, a solid try, a lazy attempt, a ton of stuff and little bits of nothing.

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