Carnivorous Consonance– Smoked Pork Hock

Carnivorous Consonance– Smoked Pork Hockfeatured

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We  haphazardly hack at hocks heralding how a hussy it seems; through fat we find few fleshy figs for feasting.
In the potI can blame Jamie Oliver, his revolution, the new partnership with Sobeys and the ads, or simply the lispy English charm. Either way, the need to cook has once more entered my life with full carnivorous force.

You see, I go through phases. I’m sure you do too. There are times when I am thoroughly obsessed with bread and the beauty of yeast. Then my curiosity spills into a month or two of veganism, and next a series of pickling endeavours. There was a short vietnamese phase, undeterred by the scarcity of lemon-grass in a small town. I tried my hand at the authentic Boeuf Bourguignon and also mastered a quick week-night calzone.

Now is the time for meat. Specifically, cheap cuts of meat. According to Save with Jamie, which I stumbled upon on the food network website, cheap cuts of meat or “chef cuts” are in.
Pork HockCheap cuts are the new black. But orange is the new black. So cheap cuts are the new orange, I presume.

I pranced on over to a butcher for the first time and low-and-behold! They had the infamous smoked pork hock which I had seen Jamie cook.I produced, over the course of a chilly afternoon, a Sunday roast with all the trimmings:

One Roasted Smoked Pork Hock
Parsley Mustard Sauce
Roasted Squash (just because)

Here’s the beef (get it?) I had with the meal when it finally came out of the oven:
Buy me better dishesSquash

My meal did look like Oliver’s. It was a striking dish. The smoked layer of fat enveloping the meat is greasy and smells woody and amazing, like finding the sweater of a guy you made out with at a high school campfire.

It was cheap and simple to make.
It gave my home that bacon-scented motivation to get chores done as I considered the rewards.

Jamie what the hell is with English Sunday Roasts everything is mush what theeeee—

I should’ve known to just put all of the components into a roasting pan as opposed to a large pot where everything boiled in water for 3 hours! Good lord, such mush. Everything was boiled! Boiled mush potatoes, boiled ham, boiled carrots, textureless pork bits! I mean…the potential for crunch was just utterly decimated. Crackling Jamie. We could’ve had crackling.

Parsley Mustard Dressing

Final DishThe sauce was too buttery and not zingy enough. Mustard actually makes sense with the ham just not in a milk/butter-based sauce. Maybe oil? Like a vinaigrette.

Anyway Jamie, if you’re gonna revive the Sunday Roast on cheap cuts of meat  get it right or rename your show Palliative-Care Eats with Jamie Oliver.

See for yourself:

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