The Best Kitchen Aprons

The Best Kitchen Apronsfeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2015/03/22/the-best-kitchen-aprons/I used to think aprons were just for the big messes – the doughs, cake batters and greasy fingers.  Then I heard a TV chef saying that the two things that improved her cooking skills were simple upgrades: an apron and comfortable shoes. Since then I’ve been getting used to the idea of “suiting up” Read more

Summer Projects: Veggie Gardening

Summer Projects: Veggie Gardeningfeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2015/03/20/summer-projects-veggie-gardening/This is my tomato seedling. Isn’t it precious? I just found out that if you put a seed in a bit of dirt, things tend to grow out of it. FOOD grows out of it, in fact. FREE FOOD. This summer I’m planting raised beds in my backyard and growing a full-on vegetable garden. But Read more

Grandma’s Walnut Cake

Grandma’s Walnut Cakefeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2015/03/18/grandmas-walnut-cake/This cake has a filling which, when translated from Portuguese, is called “Young Lady’s Drool”. Now…let’s tour some other topics before talking about who’s drool, which lady and why we should care. There are some pretty typical signs of getting older, of maturing. On the loose end, it’s easy stuff like paying bills on time. Read more

Easy Christmas Cocktail : The Cordial Ms.Claus

Easy Christmas Cocktail : The Cordial Ms.Clausfeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/11/27/easy-christmas-cocktail-the-cordial-ms-claus/I’m feeling a bit less grumpy, even…cordial *ahem ahem, insert terrible tie-in to cocktail name*. Afterall, on Monday we’ll have entered December – the last goddoggin’ month of this year. Which has been great, don’t get me wrong. But like, new beginnings! Family! Good pillows, fresh, absorbing towels with no stains on them, name-brand crackers Read more

5 Food Blogging Secrets (and Home-Churned Mint Butter/Buttermilk)

5 Food Blogging Secrets (and Home-Churned Mint Butter/Buttermilk)featured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/11/04/5-food-blogging-secrets-and-home-churned-mint-butterbuttermilk/There are so many things people don’t know about food blogging. One of them, is that it’s nearly a heroic feat to consistently post recipes in the winter. Why is that? Well…If you’re an amateur food blogger (as I am), then you keep a day job. Let’s say it’s your regular 9am-5pm gig. So when Read more

What to do with Beet Greens

What to do with Beet Greensfeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/10/27/what-to-do-with-beet-greens/Don’t you feel bad throwing away the tops of veggies? I had a ton of beet greens from a pickling party, and decided to use them for a meal. But first, a beet green rub-down. I heard about veggie massages from another blogger. Maybe it’s a total ruse….who knows. She claims if you take tough greens Read more

Baked Oregano Egg Clouds

Baked Oregano Egg Cloudsfeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/10/23/baked-oregano-egg-clouds/I’ve been feeling a little off lately – needing to get my ducks in a row. I wrote October down the other day – rounding off month “10” of this year. Things are moving too quickly. This weekend I’m going to take stock of everything that’s happened. To see where I am, think about what Read more

Avocado Keylime Mini Pies (Raw, Vegan)

Avocado Keylime Mini Pies (Raw, Vegan)featured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/10/21/raw-vegan-avocado-keylime-mini-pies/My stove is broken and I should be more upset. It’s been 5 days, maybe 6….There is no microwave. There is no kettle. I thought of running a can of soup through the coffee maker, but it was chicken noodle and who knows which tube the pasta might venture into, down the water park chutes Read more

Easy Apple Crisp with a Twist: Toasted Pecans and Rum

Easy Apple Crisp with a Twist: Toasted Pecans and Rumfeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/10/15/easy-apple-crisp-with-a-twist-toasted-pecans-and-rum/I am not thankful for eating a handful of maggots around Thanksgiving – which is the wrong thing to say, I know. But, honesty above all! Not to mention, the poor crisp has little to do with…”one bad apple” as the cliche should inform us. Chuldeigh’s Apple Orchard had its charm – I left with 15 pounds Read more

The Best Pickled Potatoes : Leibo’s Recipe

The Best Pickled Potatoes : Leibo’s Recipefeatured

http://nothing-found.com/2014/10/08/the-best-pickled-potatoes-leibos-recipe/If you knock on the door at my house – most likely my father will answer it shirtless. Dad is hairy, Jewish-nosed and pot-bellied.He is stout and shorter than my mother. He is also always surrounded by women, and thus developed the ultimate lackadaisical attitude regarding life: to reliquish himself from the feminine chaos (never-ending, inexplicable) and ascend somewhere Read more